Completed doctoral theses

Ph.D.1 A. Mohammed, “Design of Robust Scheduling Methodologies for High Performance Computing”, University of Basel, January 2020 ( PDF ).

Completed master theses

M.Sc.4 T. Jakobsche, “PAP: Performance Analysis Portal for HPC Applications”, University of Basel, February 2020 ( PDF ).

M.Sc.3 A. Yilmaz, Implementation of Scheduling Algorithms in an OpenMP Runtime Library, University of Basel, June 2019 ( PDF ).

M.Sc.2 P. Buder, “Evaluation and Analysis of Dynamic Loop Scheduling in OpenMP”, University of Basel, November 2017 ( PDF ).

M.Sc.1 V. Sharunov, “Optimized parallel tasks to nodes mapping in 3-D high performance interconnection topologies”, University of Basel, June 2017 ( PDF ).

Completed bachelor theses

B.Sc.4 A . Dyla , “Visual Analysis of Job Accounting Information of High Performance Computing Systems”, University of Basel, July 2020 ( PDF ).

B.Sc.3 P. Nussbaum , “Exploring Opportunities for Self-Scheduling in Parallel Multitasking Applications”, University of Basel, June 2020 ( PDF ).

B.Sc.2 A. Gstöhl, “μ-Cluster: Design, assembly, and testing of a parallel 3-D cluster with 64 single-board computers”, University of Basel, September 2018 (PDF).

B.Sc.1 D. Besmer, “Process-to-Node Mapping Strategies for the HAEC Box”, University of Basel, June 2016 ( PDF ).

Completed computer science projects

CSP6. R . Schmid, “Exploring Performance of Loops with Dependencies versus Tasks with Dependencies in Multi-threaded applications using OpenMP”, University of Basel, May 2020 (2 CP) ( PDF ).

CSP5. T. Jakobsche, “Benchmark scheduling and communication behavior”, University of Basel, January 2019 (12 CP) ( PDF ).

CSP3. N. Derguti, “Project support on SketchUp animations for the μ-Cluster”, University of Basel, April 2018 (4 CP)

CSP3. N. Derguti, “The Link Between Machine Learning and High Performance Computing: A Survey”, University of Basel, September 2017 (2CP)

CSP2. R. Liebfried, “Connections Between High Performance Computing and Machine Intelligence Domains”, University of Basel, September 2017 (2 CP)

CSP1. A. Yesildeniz, “Visualization of Scheduling Algorithms”, University of Basel, June 2016 (9CP) ( PDF ).

Older completed master and bachelor theses

An archive of all completed bachelor and master theses at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science can be found here (requires VPN).