The research of the HPC group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of University of Basel, Switzerland concentrates on the following topics, related to parallel applications executing on small (multi-many cores) to large scale (multi-node) high performance computers.

  • Parallelization
  • Heterogeneity
  • Mapping
  • Scheduling
  • Robustness (fault tolerance)
  • Scalability
  • Verification and validation
  • Reproducibility
  • Data mining
  • Process mining
  • Information security (protection and privacy)
  • System and application monitoring
  • Modeling and simulation of parallel applications and systems.


DMI-HPC group research vision 2022


Ongoing scientific research projects

  • SKACH: Exascale Sky Simulations for Square Kilometre Array Observatory, funded by The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), 01.09.2021-31.12.2024 (External URL, UniBas URL)
  • SPH-EXA2: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics at Exascale, funded by the Swiss Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing, 01.07.2021-30.06.2024 (External URL, UniBas URL)

  • DAPHNE:  Integrated Data Analysis Pipelines for Large-Scale Data Management, HPC, and Machine Learning, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, 01.12.2020-30.11.2024 (URL)
  • 3BEARS: Broad Bundle of BEnchmARks for Scheduling in HPC, Big Data, and ML, funded by the  Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (Switzerland) via the Germaine de Staël programme, 01.01.2021-31.12.2022 (URL)
  • The DIALOGUE Study: Using digital health to improve care for families with predisposition to hereditary cancer, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Korea, 01.11.2019-31.10.2022 (URL)

  • MODA: Improving HPC operations and research through Monitoring and Operational Data Analytics, funded by the University of Basel, 01.08.2022 – present (URL)
  • miniHPC: A modern high-performance computing cluster (15.12.2016-present), a teaching and research platform, funded by the University of Basel (URL)

  • µ-Cluster: Everything Parallel (01.03.2017-present), a research and demonstration project, funded by the University of Basel (URL)

Active software projects and tools

  • SPH-EXA: We develop the SPH-EXA mini-app (more details on our Scientific Output page) as a means to enable Exascale-ready hydrodynamic simulations for cosmology and astrophysics

  • LB4OMP: We develop an OpenMP runtime library that extends the LLVM OpenMP runtime library with additional dynamic loop scheduling techniques for OpenMP loops (more details on our Scientific Output page) 
  • SimGrid: We extend SimGrid (URL), a scientific instrument to study the behavior of large-scale distributed systems (Grids, Clouds, HPC, or P2P systems) with dynamic load balancing methods to optimize application performance (more details on our Scientific Output page)

  • HAEC-SIM: We use HAEC-SIM (URL), a simulator for highly adaptive energy-efficient computing originally developed at TU Dresden, to study the impact of parallel application placement on performance.

Completed scientific research projects

  • SPH-EXA: Optimizing Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics for Exascale Computing (01.07.2017-30.06.2020), funded by the Swiss Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (External URL, UniBas URL)

  • MLS: Multilevel Scheduling in Large Scale High Performance Computers (01.09.2017-30.04.2021), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (URL)

  • DA-HPC-OR: Data Analysis for Improving High Performance Computing Operations and Research (01.09.2018-29.02.2020), Seed Money grant funded by the Eucor – The European Campus (External URL, UniBas URL)

Other projects

  • PROVA! A tool to conduct reproducible research in computational science (URL)