Since March 2022, I am a post-doctoral reasearcher in the High Performance Computing (HPC) group at the University of Basel. I am part of both PASC SPH-EXA2 and SKACH projects where I am responsible for performance tuning and load-balancing of the SPH-EXA simulation framework.
Before joining the HPC Group, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester in EuroExa project where I had been responsible for porting parts of LFRic weather forecast application into FPGAs for acceleration. 
I have completed my Ph.D. in 2019 in the APT Group at the University of Manchester. The title of my thesis is “Leveraging Data-Flow Task Parallelism for Locality-Aware Dynamic Scheduling on Heterogeneous Platforms”. My Ph.D. work focused on making better decisions for task scheduling on heterogeneous platforms dynamically during run-time. Before starting my Ph.D. I have received my M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees from TOBB University of Economics and Technology in Ankara, Turkey.
My research interests include high-performance computing, run-time systems, scheduling and heterogeneous programming. Here is my LinkedIn.
You can contact me at: osman.simsek-at-unibas.ch

4th floor
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