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High Performance Computing or HPC refers to any computational activity requiring more than a single computer to execute a task, giving rise to parallel and distributed computing.
Parallel and distributed computing systems range from very small (sensors), to small (embedded systems, smartphones, etc.), to medium-sized (desktops, laptops, tablets), and to extremely large (supercomputers).

High performance computing systems typically are supercomputers that execute tasks at a high performance. The HPC sector entails hardware, systems software and tools, and applications and services.

The HPC research group is one of the eight research groups in Computer Science in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Faculty of Science at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Our group’s research in HPC is concerned with the performance optimization of parallel and distributed computing systems and their applications. This involves studying the interplay between HPC systems and applications and comprehensively understanding the utilization and operation of HPC and Data centers and their users.

On this site, you can learn more about the people in our group, read our most recent news, learn more about the exciting research projects we work on, the courses we teach, as well as how to contact us for conducting bachelor’s and master’s projects and theses.

You can also keep track of our freshest research results which we publish and present in top-tier venues or via invited presentations.

We also share the software, prototypes, and datasets we produced over the years.

Our group also organizes guest seminars in which we had the honor of hosting worldwide renowned experts in HPC and beyond.

You can browse through a collection of miscellaneous online pointers.

All available employment openings related to our group are also listed on this site.

You may contact us at dmi-hpc_at_unibas_dot_ch or visit the contact page. 

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