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What is Computer Science (CS)?
  “CS is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes, biology is   
  about microscopes or chemistry is about beakers and test tubes.”
                                                                       (Michael R. Fellows and Ian Parberry, URL)
★ The Nature of Computing (URL)
★ A Multiprecision World (URL)
★ What is (good) science? B. K. Forscher, ‘Chaos in the Brickyard’, Science, 18 October 1963 (PDF)
★ About Computer Science Research Methodology (PDF)
★ Research Methods in Computer Science: The Challenges and Issues (PDF)
★ On our duties as a scientist (URL)
★ On the task of the referee (PDF)

Things I learned in Computer Science: A collection of pointers from a Computer Science seminar at UniBas  (URL)
★ Heilmeier’s Catechism (URL)
★ Helping Students with E-mail Etiquette (URL)
★ Efficient reading of papers in science and technology (URL)
★ The number 1 soft skill you need (URL)
★ Methodological advise to students (URL)
★ How to conduct research and to write about it (URL)
★ How to give a talk (URL)
★ What doing a systems PhD is about: “Doing a Systems PhD” by Steve Hand (URL)
★ Eucor – The European Campus (URL)
★ University of Basel’s course directory (URL)
★ Course directory for Bachelor in Computer Science at University of Basel (PDF)
★ Course directory for Master in Computer Science at University of Basel (PDF)
★ Guidelines for the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degree programs in Computer Science at the University of Basel (PDF)