Spring semester 2021

High Performance Computing (4 CP)
Course directory no.:17164-01
Level: Master
Lecturers: Florina Ciorba, Ahmed Eleliemy, Jonas Müller Korndörfer
Assistants: Jonas Müller Korndörfer, Thomas Jakobsche

Autumn semester 2020

Foundations of Distributed Systems (8 CP)
Course directory no.: 45402-01
Level: Master
Lecturers: Heiko Schuldt, Christian Tschudin, Florina Ciorba
Assistants: (HPC part): Thomas Jakobsche, Jonas Müller Korndörfer

Computer Architecture and Operating Systems (8 CP)
Course directory no.: 10904-01
Level: Bachelor
Lecturers: Florina Ciorba, Christian Tschudin
Assistant: (OS part): Ahmed Eleliemy
Tutors: Damian Knuchel, Pascal Bürklin, Rahel Arnold

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