Having been born in Cairo, I belong to one of the most beautiful places in the world, capital of land of Pharaohs, large city and more ancient than you think.

I have completed my B.Sc. in 2010 from faculty of Computers and Information Sciences at Ain-Shams University in Cairo. In March 2011, I was employed as TA. in Computer Systems department at the same faculty. Also, I was funded by the faculty to do master of Computer Science. By August 2014, I got the M.Sc. degree. I completed my master thesis in the topic of High Performance Techniques for 3D Object Categorization.

During my career life, I have been working in different software companies as either a part-time or full time developer. So, I believe I have a sufficient experience in all software development phases. However, I consider my work in Fujitsu Technology Solution as a turning point in my career, because for one year, I was a part of Aziz Supercomputer project, one of the largest supercomputers.  More details are listed here. I worked  as an HPC support engineer starting from 2015. For more details about me, you are invited to visit my LinkedIn page.

Currently, I am  a member of the HPC group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Basel, Switzerland. I am working as a research assistant and doctoral student.

My main research interests are  High Performance Computing (HPC) from both of the hardware and software perspectives, scheduling, and heterogenous parallel architectures.

You can contact me at : ahmed.eleliemy-at-unibas.ch


4th floor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Basel
Spiegelgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel